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CNC Hydraulic Drilling Machine
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1. Introduction:

1.1 This machine aims to drilling holes on the metal plate of building steel structure, power iron tower and petrochemical equipments. It adopts gantry type structure. The axis X, Y and Z are drove by servo motor through precise ball guide screw. It positions automatically, precisely and quickly and finishes the processing of drilling automatically. Therefore, it highly improves the precision and speed. Meanwhile, it avoids repairing and scraping caused by manual position or drilling error.

1.2 The control system of this machine adopts host computer and PLC control system. The computer is installed with automatic programming software and machine monitoring software, which can convert the AUTOCAD graph file to processing program directly. It also very fast and easy, even programs it manually. The new operator without experiences of operating computer can program it in short time.

1.3 Automatic chip removal and circulation cooling system reduce the nonproductive time and labor intensity. The operator only need to load and unload work piece and change the drills.

1.4 The advanced CNC drilling power heads can automatically adjust to optimizing feeding speed and rotational speed through computer control according to different diameter of holes. It also can be adjusted manually according to different conditions. Besides to processing through-hole, it also can process blind holes, counter bore and so on. It has quick chuck device, which make the drills go up and down easily, conveniently and quickly. We also supply Morse 3#, 2# drilling reducing sleeves, which fit for below φ50mm twist drills.

1.5 This CNC drilling machine is designed according to the work piece features and precision requirements; it has compact form and is flexible, it meets the processing requirements better. No matter the holes are arranged as circle or straight line, it can finish the work quickly and accurately. Therefore, this machine is cost-effective choice.

2. Specifications:



machine type

Gantry moveable single spindle CNC drilling machine

Max work piece size (L×W)

2000×1200mm(1 piece)
1200×1000mm(2 pieces)
1000×600mm(4 pieces)

If work piece is small size, it can be overlapped and processed at the same time.

Thickness of work piece


Height from table top to ground


Drill unit type

sliding table, servo control

Clamp type

Hydraulic clamp with 12 clamps

Drill head quantity


Max drill diameter


Power of main motor

5.5 kW

Spindle speed

120~500r/min (frequency control)

Spindle vertical stoke (Z axis)


Drive mode of gantry longitudinal (X axis)

Guided by linear rolling guide; driven by AC servo motor and ball screw pairs.

Servo motor power of X axis

1.3 kW

Power head lateral driving type (Y axis)

Guided by linear rolling guide; driven by AC servo motor and ball screw pairs.

Servo motor power of Y axis

1. 3 kW

Servo motor power of Z axis

0.85 kW

Motor power of chip cleaner

0.4 kW

Motor power of cooling system

0.45 kW

Motor power of Hydraulic station


Clamping type

Attach Morse 4# quick chuck and 3#, 2# reducing sleeve

Electric control cabinet

With dustproof ventilating device and LENOVO computer

Electric control type


CNC axis quantity


With function of CAD/CAM automatic generation

With function of hole site memory (memory hole site if power off suddenly) and drill pause

Total power

≈13 kW

Total weight

≈7 t

Overall dimension


With professional cnc hydraulic drilling machine developing and manufacturing factory at your service, Chengzhao International is a leading cnc hydraulic drilling machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We can assure you the high quality and strong stability of our products, please rest assured to buy.

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